Green Schools Award 2013 for Coláiste Dhúlaigh


Flavia Mosca reports from the 2013 Green Schools Awards. BILLY CREAVEY, a student at Coláiste Dhúlaigh details his involvement with the project over the past year and his delight at the college receiving a Green Flag. He says that the college has integrated elements of the project into various areas of the curriculum and will continue to develop this project over the next two years.

MARY HICKEY, principal of the college speaks of the many of programmes the college provides at Fetac level. She outlines a series of initiatives that have been implemented in Coláiste Dhúlaigh which all contribute to a greener environment.

Mary says that while it wasn’t easy to get students involved, the integration of the project into the curriculum and introduction of an intern to supervise the plan really helped to get it off the ground.

Duration: 07'58" DATE: November 15, 2013
Interviewer:Flavia Mosca
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