Radio and TV as Learning Resources Conference


The BAI funded Radio and TV as Learning Resources Conference took place in the Teachers Club, Dublin on Saturday 7th November 2015 . The focus of the conference was on an exchange of views and experiences between media and education practitioners to explore how community media can produce social benefit type content, of a broadly educational nature.

Flavia attended the Radio and TV as Learning Resources Conference and gets the opinions of the speakers and attendees.

Flavia firstly speaks to LETICIA AGUDO, media producer/director with Whackala & head of the BA in film and video production in Coláiste Dhúlaigh and the University of Wolverhampton. She talks about the link between education and broadcasting, the challenges to linking the two including funding and the solutions that could be made by broadcasters.

Flavia then speaks to ROB CARR, freelance digital media producer/web developer. He talks about the details of the show he was involved in, the purpose of the show, his aspect of the link with education and broadcasting, the focus of education and awareness and the feedback given back to the show.

Flavia finally speaks to DR. PAURIC TRAVORS, chairperson of BAI. He talks about the current situation with educational broadcasting, the slow advances of educational broadcasting in Ireland compared to other countries, how broadcasting services can be used as a learning resource, how the motto of broadcasting may have changed over the years and what still needs to be done regarding educational broadcasting.

Duration: 14'52" DATE: November 19, 2015
Interviewer:Conor Doyle, Flavia Mosca Goretta
Producer:Pat Meehan
Interviewee:Leticia Agudo, Rob Carr, Dr. Pauric Travors
Themes:Irish Life & Culture, Local Arts & Culture
Keywords:Radio and TV as Learning Resources Conference, BAI, Broadcasting Association of Ireland, Community Media, Broadcasting, Education,
LocationTeachers Club, Parnell Street, Dublin Time Period:2015
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