Science Week Ireland 2013: Encouraging Active Participation


Professor Mark Ferguson from Science Week Ireland joins Eoin Drinan to discuss the workshops, exhibitions, and other events currently taking place across Ireland to mark Science Week 2013. Mark shares details of the Curiosity Lab and how it engages children and encourages their interest in science.

They continue by discussing the way that many of the events have an interactive element. Mark says that there is a great interest in crowd sourcing results in science at this time and speaks of a growing popular interest in the human brain and its workings.

They also discuss the forthcoming “Ask An Expert At Met Eireann” event which will allow participants to ask any weather-related question of a qualified meteorologist. While Science Week 2013 is being celebrated across the country, the majority of events are taking place in Dublin.

Duration: 06'11" DATE: November 14, 2013
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