A Very East Wall Christmas (2012)


ANGELA BRODERICK, Chair of the East Wall Residents’ Association chats to Noel McGuinness about events in East Wall starting tomorrow December 7, 2012).

At the weekend Paddy the Butchers was turned into Santa’s Grotto for a day, so you know that the Christmas season has truly begun. Santa’s visit to Paddy’s is an East Wall tradition, and the Christmas display in the window should not be missed. Now that Paddy and Santa have kicked off the season, join us next weekend for two other East Wall Christmas events-
Christmas Tree of Remembrance
(Switching on ceremony)
Saturday 8th December, 5pm
Johnny Cullen’s Hill
The tree is dedicated to all East Wallers, past, present, home and abroad. Everybody is welcome to hang your remembrance decorations on it.
This year the lights will be switched on by Tony Kelly, a long time active member of the community and former chair-person of the Residents Association.

Duration: 09'15" DATE: December 7, 2012
Interviewer:Noel MCGuinness
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Interviewee:Angela Broderick
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