North channel swim from Ireland to Scotland


FERGAL SOMERVILLE joins Noel McGuinness in studio to discuss his successful swim of the North Channel from Co.Down to Scotland. Fergal begins by sharing information of the various causes he has donated to as part of charity swims. On 16th of June he swam the channel and talks about being successful in only getting stung once by a jelly fish. The swim took him 12 hours and 21 minutes and they discuss the route taken, while not the shortest way “as the crow flies”.

He tells how he swam 9 miles in the first three and a half hours and then took nine hours to swim the second half. They discuss the idea of putting grease on the skin and the equipment worn for the swim. He uses Lanelin and Vaseline to prevent beard rash and chafing of the neck. Fergal explains how he only came into sea swimming five years previously and how he swims at High Rock.

They discuss sponsorship and how Fergal funds his own swims, treating the swims as a personal goal and all of the money raised goes directly to the charity listed for that particular swim.

They are joined on the line by “Maggie” from Scotland who has been a part of the plan. Maggie explains some of her own swimming achievements including crossing the channel in 1988, swimming Loch Lomond. She discusses Fergals condition when he finished the swim.

Maggie talks about how she went from lane swimming to channel swimming and she carries on to applaud his efforts. Fergal thanks her for all the help throughout planning the swim.

Fergal takes time to thank a number of people for their support and hints that at the time he doesn’t plan on doing any longer swims in the future.

Duration: 19'37" DATE: June 21, 2013
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