Illegal Dumping Causing Problems For Finglas Residents


Sinn Fein councillor DESSIE ELLIS speaks to Yvette Reid about the problem of illegal dumping in the St. Margaret’s area of Finglas. Yvette speaks of her own experience of such problems and Dessie offers suggestions on some ways that the community may prevent such dumping. He says similar issues were addressed in the Dunsink Lane area by installing CCTV cameras. However, it seems that people are travelling to St Margaret’s to dump waste there because they know the CCTV cameras in Dunsink Lane are monitoring their activities.

Dessie says there has been an increase in illegal dumping, possibly driven by an increase in official waste disposal charges. It seems the cost to the council of continuously cleaning up after these tippers is sky-rocketing.

Duration: 09'14" DATE: September 30, 2013
Interviewer:Yvette Reid
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Interviewee:Dessie Ellis
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