East Wall Mural Marks Centenary of Merchant Road Mass Evictions



JOE MOONEY of the East Wall History group talks Yvette Reid. Joe begins by outlining the history of the 1913 ‘Lockout’. It seems that many East Wall families were involved in the lockout protests, and as a result were evicted from their homes on Merchants Road.

The evictions decimated the East Wall community. Some of the evicted families were forced to move to a ‘tent city’ near by. Although they were forced to move on to other areas, many of the families evicted still have relatives living in the East Wall area today.

Details of the mural’s location and the artists involved can be found on: www.eastwallforall.ie

Duration: 11'14" DATE: September 30, 2013
Interviewer:Yvette Reid
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Interviewee:Joe Mooney
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