The Big Green Apple: Taking Irish Playwrights Across The Atlantic


CAMILLE DONEGAN, co creator of transatlantic theatre troupe “The Big Green Apple”, joins John Healy to talk about their new project in which ten short plays will be written in one week. Of these, five will be chosen to travel to Broadway in New York to be performed at the first Irish Festival.

Camille tells John that the Irish Festival is designed to premiere new Irish theatre in New York. The ten new plays are going to be performed in the Liberty Hall Theatre in Dublin. The ausience will then vote opn which should go to America.

The New York plan was developed by the Attic Studio, a community of actors writers and directors brought together by Graham Cantwell and Rachel Wrap.

Duration: 12'51" DATE: September 25, 2013
Interviewer:John Healy
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Interviewee:Camille Donegan
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