Axis in Ballymun Celebrate 10 Years With High Hopes Gig


Sound engineer JOE CLEAR and some of the musicians and technicians from Axis Theatre, Ballymun chat to Noel McGuinness about the forthcoming ‘High Hopes’ gig that will celebrate ten years of the Axis in Ballymun.

This special gig will feature some of the finest young musicians from the Northside of the city who have been recipients of the High Hopes bursary made possible by Glen Hansard. Love Music. Live Music. Local Music.

The piece includes the song ‘Move The Revolution’ by 5th Element from 17.56.00 to 21.28.00 minutes.

Duration: 21'28" DATE: September 11, 2015
Interviewer:Noel McGuinness
Producer:Zandra Ball
Interviewee:Joe Clear
Themes:Local Arts & Culture, Community Events
Keywords:Axis, Ballymun, Live Music, Local Bands, Theatre, Community Events
LocationBallymun Time Period:2015
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