“What Would Ma Say” Adapted For The Stage


Author KATHLEEN DOYLE and director GERARD RONAN join John Healy in studio to discuss Kathleen’s book “What would Ma say” and the process of adapting it for the stage.

Kathleen says the book took 18 months to write. It book is based in the tenements on Cooke Street in the Christchurch area and in Crumlin.

Kathleen tells a story about trying to make a swimming pool in the kitchen as a child and speaks proudly of the women of the time and the work that they put in to looking after their families. Kathleen describes the experience of bringing her grandchildren to see the new play.

Gerard says that it was the stories and the challenge that attracted him to this project. He says the biggest breakthrough was when the decided to allow one of the actors to narrate the play without bringing the lights down.

The play is on at the Axis Theatre, having moved there from the Civic Theatre.

Duration: 13'56" DATE: October 2, 2013
Interviewer:John Healy
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