On Bolus Head: talking to the illustrator


BRIAN GORMLEY, artist joins Barbara Jennings to discuss a book he has been involved in which looks at the culture of Ireland and focuses on County Kerry. The book is called “On Bolus HEad” and is written with Michael Carter. Brian tells of how the literary tradition is so very alive in Ireland and talks of the collaboration process and tells of the rhythm he feels when working in IReland.

They discuss the illustrations featured in the book and Brian tells of the craftsmanship involved. He also tells how he believes that small groups of people doing good things to a high standard is what will save the world.

We hear that Brian has recently donated a copy of the book to the National Library of Ireland.

Duration: 05'34" DATE: October 10, 2012
Interviewer:Barbara Jennings
Producer:John Healy
Interviewee:Brian Gormley
Themes:Local Arts & Culture
Keywords:brian gormley, on bolus head, michael carter, literature in ireland, modern irish literature, modern illustration, hand drawn illustration, craft drawing, kerry,
LocationKerry, Ireland Time Period:2012
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