Terence Flanagan speaks of Abortion Laws in Ireland


Former Fine Gael TD, TERENCE FLANAGAN joins Ger Leddin. Terence talks about his feelings on the Abortion Rites Campaign press statement. He states that he were “gravely disappointed by the health committee’s decision to reject the amendment, which would allow abortions to be offered to women suffering inevitable miscarriages and those diagnosed with fatal abnormalities”.

Terence lays down Fine Gael’s position on the amendment and mentions how the Dail voted on the matter. They carry on to talk about how women travel abroad to seek abortions and the death of Savita Halappanavar, who it was ruled dead as a result of a medical incompetence.


Terence also talks about how he continued to following Fine Gael’s polities, the positive feedback he received from the Dublin North constituency and how he feels it’s important for people to stand up for their conscience.

Duration: 08'02" DATE: July 4, 2013
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