Learning about the work of the Lord Mayor of Dublin


Lord Mayor of Dublin, OISIN QUINN joins Ger Leddin to discuss his plans for the coming year. They begin by discussing whether the Lord Mayor plans to serve his term while living in the mansion house.

Oisin explains the purpose and responsibilities he has as Lord Mayor, how he acquired the position and how the duties of Lord Mayor may have changed over the years.

Oisin talks about his desire to work with all four local authorities over the improvement of cycle lanes throughout the County, the other transport issues in Dublin and what can be the solution to fix these issues.

They also discuss diversity in the Dublin area, how to promote a multicultural society in Dublin, the issues over vacant sites in the city area at the time and what can be introduced to encourage a decrease in neglected spaces.

They also discuss  of some of the spaces available for development on both the North and South side of the city centre, the potential plans for these areas.

Duration: 12'21" DATE: July 4, 2013
Interviewer:Ger Leddin
Producer:Ger Leddin
Interviewee:Oisin Quinn
Themes:Irish Life & Culture
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LocationDublin,Ireland Time Period:2013
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