Brian Moss on Transparency in the Charity sector and the State of the Nation address 2013


BRIAN MOSS, journalist, joins Sabrina Ryan beginning by discussing Enda Kenny’s “State of the Nation” address, telling how he agrees with the government suggestion to stay course with the policies of the time. He talks of personally seeing an upturn in the social activities in the South of Dublin.

They briefly discuss what the Taoiseach mentioned during the address and speak of the fact that he is being realistic with his expectations. They also discuss the affect that the recession has had on the confidence of the nation.

They move on to discuss the board of the CRC resigning and talk of the coverage of this event in the media. They talk of the problems attributed to CEOs of many charities drawing large salaries, discussing the public having an issue with this mainly due to a lack of transparency. Brian suggests that regulation in the charity sector is a reality in the near future.

Duration: 12'41" DATE: December 16, 2013
Interviewer:Sabrina Ryan
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Interviewee:Brian Moss
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