Outside Broadcast in St. David’s BNS


In a special edition of Northside Today, Noel talks to the teachers and students of St. David BNS in Artane.

Noel firstly speaks to DECLAN CAHILL who is the coordinator of the Bookworms Programme. He talks about the origins and objectives of the programme and his admiration for the staff to encourage students to read and how statistics show that people go back to physical copies of books.

Noel then speaks to ALAN PAIGE, JASON POPE and SHANE MAHON who were students associated with the programme. They talk about the experiences they got from it, why they chose their selected books and their favourite books to read.

Noel later speaks to TERRY EVERSON who is the English coordinator and vice-principal of the school. He talks about the initiatives to improve English in the school, how it is starting to reap its rewards with the 6th class groups, the reaction to the programme from all the students and how action is taken for students in need of improvement.

Noel then talks to students, CHRIS CLARK and RYAN O’NEILL and teacher, ALAN BEDFORD. Alan talks about how he got involved, what the Fighting Words programme is all about and how well organised it was.

The students go on to talk about their experiences of taking part in the Fighting Words project and what their reading was like beforehand and how they helped each other in certain assignments.

Noel later talks to teachers, NUALA MINOGUE and SHANE RYAN. They talk about their training with Near FM, how they put it to use by helping the students to relive experiences in field trips and school events and how engaged and creative the students are with their experiences.

Noel then speaks to students, KEITH O’LEARY and DAVID QUIKLEY. Keith reads his story, Three Wishes. He then talks about his experience of writing the story.

David then read his story, The Elf. He then talks about the process of deciding what the characteristics of the story are about.

Noel lastly speaks to students, SHANE HADDY, KANE ULAWUN, JAMES DAVIS and LIAM BOYLAN. They are a band who will be playing shows for the parents and the whole school. They play “All Together Now” and “Twist And Shout” from the Beatles.

Duration: 39'36" DATE: June 18, 2014
Interviewer:Noel McGuinness
Producer:John Healy
Interviewee:Declan Cahill, Alan Paige, Jason Pope, Shane Mahon, Terry Everson, Chris Clark, Ryan O'Neill, Alan Bedford, Nuala Minogue, Shane Ryan, Keith O'Leary, David Quikley, Liam Boylan, Shane Haddy, Kane Ulawun, James Davis
Themes:Community Events
Keywords:st. david bns, bookworms programme, fighting words, english, reading, education, radio training, live music, story telling, writing
LocationSt. David Boys National School, Artane Time Period:2014
Type:Sound Language:English
Creator:Near FM Publisher:Near FM
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