Dublin Roses’ Belarus Trip in Aid of Chernoble Children


Pat Meehan talks to Dublin Rose participant GEMMA ROSE O’BRIEN about trhe trip in aid of Chernobyl Children International. Over five days the Roses worked in an orphanage that looks after children wirth special needs. They played with children and cared for them. Some 30,000 children are affected by problems resulting from the infamous nuclear accident in the city. In addition to medical treatment, the children react wonderfully to the attention they receive from any visitors and the Roses were unanimous in their praise of the work of Adi Roche’s work.

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Duration: 13'45" DATE: November 6, 2014
Interviewer:Pat Meehan
Producer:Pat Meehan
Interviewee:Gemma Rose O'Brien
Themes:Global Issues with a Local Focus
Keywords:Chernobyl, Adi Roche, Rose of Tralee, Orphans, International
LocationInternational - Dublin Time Period:2014
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