The Post Budget Political Landscape: Autumn 2013


Dáil correspondent BRIAN MOSS joins Sabrina Ryan to discuss the recent budget.

Brian highlights the “Medical card” fiasco and the mobilisation of the over 70s to protest the decision. The knock on effects of medical card overuse on the health system are debated.

Brian talks about Gerry Adams and allegations that his brother is involved in child abuse. Sabrina asks if Gerry Adams had knowledge of this but didn’t report it. They also discuss Sinn Féin policies and what the party might propose in the next elections.

They finish on a light note discussing the popular but annoying song “What does the fox say?” which is sweeping Europe.

Duration: 14'52" DATE: October 21, 2013
Interviewer:Sabrina Ryan
Producer:Sabrina Ryan
Interviewee:Brian Moss
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Keywords:Medical cards, Sinn Fein, Elections, Budget, Gerry Adams
LocationIreland Time Period:2013
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