First Fortnight Mental Health Arts Festival


Noel McGuinness is talking to HEATHER BOURKE a Life Coach, Group Faciliator and Host of Conversation Salons about the First Fortnight Mental Health Arts Festival.

This festival is a good way to deal with mental health issues  and it tries to create in an artful way a good balanced atmosphere, so that it’s easier for everyone to share their dilemmas as people did 100 years ago.

The First Fortnight Mental Health Arts Festival runs until 17th January 2016 with a wide variety of events taking place in Dublin and around the country with the aim of challenging mental health stigma. Conversation Salons are part of this year’s First Fortnight and Heather Bourke, Life Coach, Group Facilitator and Host of the Conversation Salons tells Noel McGuinness all about these events. She explains that they take place in a relaxed café style setting over tea and coffee in small groups and people choose the topic or question they will discuss. The intention is for participants to have fun, be inspired and connect with new people.

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