“Sail Against Suicide” Fundraiser


JESSICA CLOHISEY from Clontarf talks to Northside Today’s Michael Sullivan about her upcoming fundraiser “Sail Against Suicide”.

Jessica (18 year old) explains where she got the idea, how amazed she was about the amount of support received for the fundraiser, how she is also a student ambassador for “Cycle Against Suicide”, how people can participate in the event, the other activities that he will be part of the fundraiser and how the fundraiser has grown in the past 3 years.

She also talked about how it’s important it is for people to talk about their mental issues, her opinion on the government’s approach to mental health, how social media at times doesn’t help people suffering with mental issues and the different ways that schools can tackle mental health such as setting up committees.

Duration: 14'20" DATE: August 21, 2017
Interviewer:Michael Sullivan
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Interviewee:Jessica Clohisey
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