The Day The Poppy Met The Shamrock


Author DEZI JAY M talks to P Mehan about his new book ‘The Day The Poppy Met The Shamrock’. The book is about homelessness and resettlement, but also touches on Desi’s family history. His great grandfather died of wounds recieved whilst serving in the British army in WW1, whilst his grandfather fought with the IRA.

DEZI JAY M grew up in Coolock, Dublin. Early experiences of abuse and addiction affected his life, resulting in several periods of homelessness, including following the break-up of his marriage in 2008. The author believes that the vast majority of people in Ireland today are “only a few months, or even a few weeks wages away from being homeless.”

For the author, being able to relate his own troubles to the legacy his country’s turbulent history, gave him an insight that helped to put his experiences in perspective. Since that day, Dezi has embarked on a career in the performing arts, while also achieving a certificate in addiction studies. In December 2010, he was invited to meet President of Ireland, Mrs Mary McAleese, from whom he received a commendation for overcoming homelessness.

Duration: 17'12" DATE: July 24, 2014
Interviewer:P Meehan
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