The role of an Air Traffic Controller and a preview of Flightfest 2013


PAUL MCCANN, Dublin Air Traffic Control Operations Manager speaks to Noel McGuinness about his work as part of the Irish Aviation Authority. On this occasion he joins Noel to speak specifically about the upcoming Flightfest 2013.

Paul explains about his job, operating air traffic throughout Dublin airspace, controlling roughly 60 miles around Dublin airport. They discuss the workflow for air traffic control and present a picture of what working in the control tower is like. They move on to discuss what the control tower will do as standard procedure if an emergency should occur and also speak of the reality of control that a planes Autopilot feature can provide.

Moving on to speak about Flightfest, Paul details the vast size of the flightfest and what makes it a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. Featuring 1930s airplanes, large commercial jets (including the airbus a380) and many private jets. They talk of the ideal viewing areas considering the planes will fly a course at low altitude past the Poolbeg chimneys and along the River Liffey,

1000 feet is the expected elevation of the flight path along the Liffey making for a fantastic view of these large planes.

Duration: 10'56" DATE: September 6, 2013
Interviewer:Noel McGuinness
Producer:Zandra Ball
Interviewee:Paul McCann
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