Concerns Over New Housing Plans for Oscar Traynor Road


John speaks to AUSTIN MCCOY and JIM EVESTON from the Lorcan Residents Association about concerns over new housing plans for Oscar Traynor Road, Coolock.

They talk about the background of the plans going back as long as 40 years ago, the developer’s plans to include ten storey units, their hopes to talk to the developers in order the quality of life in the surrounding areas and estates, how it may affect Dublin Airport and their disappointment about being consulted by no developments regarding the housing plan.

They also talk about not wanting to completely interfere with development plans, how it seems like anything is uncertain with regards to funding, retail units and transport with the development plan, how to may cause more trouble with the existing traffic problems with Oscar Traynor Road and the concerns about Dublin City Council’s outlined plan.

They also talk about how people can send their submissions to the city council about the development plan.

Duration: 25'53" DATE: November 4, 2015
Interviewer:John Healy
Producer:John Healy
Interviewee:Austin McCoy, Jim Eveston
Themes:Local News, Local Current Affairs
Keywords:Oscar Traynor Road, Housing Plan, Development Plans, Lorcan Residents Association, Dublin Airport, Uncertain Plans, Dublin City Council
LocationOscar Traynor Road, Coolock, Dublin 17 Time Period:2015
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