Delays to the Ballymun regeneration project


NOEL ROCK, local representative joins Yvette Reid to discuss developments with the Ballymun Regeneration project. Noel tells of the original plans for the project, which were made during the Fianna Fail government of the late 1990’s, including parks, and new amenities for the area. At the time Noel speaks of how these have not come to be as of yet. He speaks of people feeling a little “left behind” now that much of the building has been completed, but not the promised amenities.

They discuss the plans that were envisioned including the opening of a brand new shopping centre and they also speak of the idea of diverting funds being used in other regeneration areas and redirecting it towards the completion of the project.

They also discuss the delay in the final buildings being knocked down and suggest that it is a wait for the proper tools which is creating this delay.

Noel encourages people to write to local representatives (details available on to lobby for the completion of the project.


Duration: 08'39" DATE: September 16, 2013
Interviewer:Yvette Reid
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Interviewee:Noel Rock
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