Documenting The Lives Of The ‘Undocumented’ in Ireland


GRACE WILENTZ, Near FM’s Intercultural Coordinator talks to Noel McGuinness about the latest series of ‘Culture Shots’.
The aim of Culture Shots is to take a panel of eight people: Four Irish and four non-EU immigrants. The eight undertake a seven-week training course in community radio and intercultural media literacy that promotes equality and diversity.
Following the course, the panel create a series of 13 programmes based on democratically-chosen subjects.
The next programme will document the lives of undocumented immigrants working in Ireland. To call such people ‘Illegal Immigrants’ is a misnomer. People cannot, in and of themselves, be ‘illegal’. They can, however, be undocumented, which can create a whole world of financial and social difficulties – as many ‘undocumented’ Irish in the USA have found over the years.

Duration: 10'06" DATE: January 27, 2012
Interviewer:Noel McGuinness
Producer:Zandra Ball
Interviewee:Grace Wilentz
Themes:Irish Life & Culture
Keywords:Migrants, Illegal Immigrants, Undocumented, Democracy, Intercultural, Media Literacy
LocationDublin, Ireland Time Period:2012
Type:Sound Language:English
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