Ballymun Tidy Towns 2012


John Healy speaks to MARY COUCH about Tidy Towns.  They discuss the different categories available to enter, appeal for volunteers, and how they manage to receive funding and dealing with graffiti. Mary spoke about the problems they have with dumping and also offered up some clever ideas for other tidy town organisations. Mary also talks about the importance of biodiversity and also of the Community garden in Burren Court, which has been there since 1993.

Duration: 9'26" DATE: June 12, 2012
Interviewer:John Healy
Producer:John Healy
Interviewee:Mary Couch
Themes:Local News, Local Current Affairs, Community Events
Keywords:Tidy Towns, Mary Couch, Ballymun, graffiti, dumping, environment, biodiversity, community garden,
LocationBallymun Time Period:2012
Type:Sound Language:English
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