Launch of the Novel ‘Citizens’ by Kevin Curran


Mark Finnegan is chatting with KEVIN CURRAN about second novel, Citizens, which tells the story of Neil, an apathetic Irishman in his twenties whose plans to emigrate are disturbed by the death of his grandfather. Familiar themes are made clever and refreshing through the interspersed narrative of Neil’s great-grandfather Harry, who participated in the Easter Rising. Delaying his departure to Canada, where his girlfriend Kathy awaits, Neil impatiently reads Harry’s letters to his ailing grandmother, desperate to get his share of the will. As he realizes the letters may have monetary value, an interest in his family’s past begins to surface.


Duration: 10'50" DATE: March 1, 2016
Interviewer:Mark Finnegan
Producer:Mark Finnegan
Interviewee:Kevin Curran
Themes:Irish Life & Culture, Local Arts & Culture
Keywords:Emigration, Family history, time shift, 1916 Easter Rising
LocationDublin Time Period:2016
Type:Sound Language:English
Creator:Near FM Publisher:Near FM
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