What Is Involved In Economics?


TONY WEEKES is an Economics lecturer who is involved in the Maynooth University Communiversity Project. He talks to Northside Today’s Noel McGuinness about the purpose of ‘the economy’ and discusses what is wrong with the present economic system.

Tony talks about the reaction and participation of the Communiversity project in the past 4 years, what type of misconceptions do people have about economics, what does the economy mean to the world today, how economics differ across the world, how much education should the modern politician have and how warfare can have a lot to do with economics and finance.

Tony also talked about how he feels about politicians who blame others and each other over the world’s economic problems, if the language of economics can be easier for the general public to understand, the differences between the British media and the Irish media in how they describe or report the economic news, how long it takes to be educated in economics, if there’s such a thing as “honest banking” and if economic systems with credit unions involved should be encouraged in today’s economy.

Tony also discussed if integrity doesn’t exist in economics today, the differences between teaching in the north and south of Ireland, if he considers his economic knowledge for personal vectures and what can the general public do to try and understand today’s economics.

Tony concludes by expressing his gratitude to Northside Partnership and the staff of Coolock Library for their involvement in the Communiversity Project.

Duration: 29'57" DATE: February 24, 2017
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