Education For All Fair


John speaks to several people at the Education For All Fair at Parnell’s GAA Club, Coolock.

John firstly speaks with PAUL HAYES from the Northside Partnership. He talks about the organisation put into the fair, the amount of schools participating in the fair and the idea of the defense forces participating.

John then speaks with MICHAEL O’NEILL, guidance counselor in St. Paul’s College, Raheny. He talks about his role at St. Paul’s, how education fairs are very important for students and the importance in students doing transition year and work experience in school.

He also gives a brief history on St. Paul’s and how many of the students go on to university from the school.

John then speaks with JIMMY HALLETT, press officer for the Irish Air Corps. He talks about the representation of the Irish Defense Forces on the fair, the entry requirements for the different roles in the forces, the internships available from them and the feedback they got back from the previous year’s fair.

John then speaks to DENISE ANDERSON, Trinity Access Program ambassador. She talks about the idea and the details of the access program, how she finds that students with particular backgrounds may find it difficult to apply to Trinity College, the feedback she got from the students and her enjoyment in her role.

Trinity Access Program Google: trinity access program

John then speaks to CAROL CONWAY, coordinator for Young Community Leaders. She talks about the idea of the courses, the results from the courses over the last few years, where the graduates go when they complete the courses, some of the most popular courses available and how fulfilling it is to see the graduates go on to use their skills.

Young Community Leaders Email:

John then speaks to SIOBHAN ENGLISH, representative for Harper Adams, one of the leading agriculture colleges in the UK. She talks about the ranges of courses in the college, the feedback they got from the education fair, the employment opportunities especially for veterinarian courses.

Harper Adams:

John finally speaks to students (AOIFE, CASEY & REBECCA) from St. Mary’s, Killester. They talk about how helpful the fair is for them to find their options for higher education.

Duration: 24'35" DATE: October 15, 2015
Interviewer:Conor Doyle, John Healy
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