Pebbledash house at Collins Barracks


Artist and town planner PAUL KEARNS discusses and exhibition and book ‘Beyond Pebbledash’, which sees a full-size pebbledash house erected in Collins Barracks. The exhibition is aimed at teenage people who live in Dublin. Those who live in the suburbs are aksked what they like and dislike about this, and those who live in the centre are similarly questioned. The purpose of the project is to aid in town and city planning over the coming generations, and to0 find out what makes a great city.

Duration: 21'10" DATE: September 22, 2014
Interviewer:Mark Finnegan
Producer:Mark Finnegan
Interviewee:Paul Kearns
Themes:Local News, Local Arts & Culture
Keywords:Collins Barracks, pebbledash, city, suburbs, planning, exhibition
LocationDublin central/north Time Period:2014
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