Learning about the Medical research council


MIKE CLARKE, Professor at Queens University joins Eoin Drinan, Mike explains his role in the MRC (Medical research council), a methodology review group which explores research that has been carried out around the world and brings it together to supply this research to people in the health and social care sector.

Mike speaks of the importance on an international level of being able to feed this data and research to other current research studies, speaking in particular about a review of epilepsy and how the gathered data can feed into other studies around the globe.

They move on to discuss the purpose of the group in terms of bringing good quality research studies together to build a reliable network of true and verified information.

They talk of using this information when it comes to disaster areas, for instance by providing informed planning for the local practitioners making decisions in the aftermath of a disaster.

Duration: 08'53" DATE: September 5, 2013
Interviewer:Eoin Drinan
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Interviewee:Mike Clarke
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