Social Justice Irelands views on how to invest in Irelands Future


MICHELLE MURPHY of Social Justice Ireland talks to Ger Leddin about a press release from the group Ireland has the lowest investment level of all 28 European countries.

Michelle explains the findings of their research, finding that over the previous six years government investment has fallen over 40%. Michelle speaks of a lack on investment in social housing and the creation of ghost estates across the country. She speaks of Water services also needing investment in order to modernise the facilities and ensure a quality system going forward.

Michelle speaks of their proposed Investment of Seven billion over the course of a three year period, drawn from the Irish Strategic Investment fund (National Pension reserve fund), Commercial semi state companies, domestic pension funds and the European investment bank.

They discuss the facilities where this money would be invested into and the return of revenue which would in theory be returned from these facilities.

They discuss the authority which the Irish government has to implement these ideas and whether or not they would need the support of the troika to implement such measures.

Duration: 08'38" DATE: September 12, 2013
Interviewer:Ger Leddin
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Interviewee:Michelle Murphy
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