Tackling the Increasing costs of School Uniforms and Tracksuits


SEAN CROWE talks with Yvette Reid about the increase in costs for parents with children heading back to school. Sean firstly talks about how he contacted the minister of education to investigate how costs for parents can be dropped. He suggested selling patches of school crests that can be attached to plain tracksuits.

Yvette talks about how her own son’s school only requires a tracksuit, rather than a tracksuit with a formal uniform.

They also discuss the cost of school books and how a school book rental scheme for schools can be a way to save money on school books.

Sean states that nothing has been seen or done yet with regards to costs being reduced, despite the minister’s claims that work is in progress on the issue.


Duration: 07'19" DATE: July 1, 2013
Interviewer:Yvette Reid
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