A Bloomsday Survival Kit


JESSICA YATES speaks to Pat Meehan about the “Bloomsday Survival Kit” which is a little bag that can be carried with you along the route on blooms day, filled with props relating to the event. She speaks of it’s purpose as well as some of the items that are included in each bag.

Related to the book, Ulysses by James Joyce, Jessica shares details of events planned in the build up to Bloomsday 2013.

They discuss how people find Ulysses quite difficult to read, however perhaps Joyce’ other work Finnegans Wake may in fact be more difficult to comprehend.


Duration: 10'26" DATE: January 28, 2013
Interviewer:Pat Meehan
Producer:Yvette Reid
Interviewee:Jessica Yates
Themes:Irish Life & Culture, Local Arts & Culture
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LocationDublin Time Period:2013
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