Ayrfield Voices Released on CD


JOHN FAHY from the Voices of Ayrfield choir chats with Noel McGuinness about the group’s CD which has been released in time for Christmas. ‘The Voices of Ayrfield’ CD contains carols and popular hymns with a seasonal feel.
Two songs from the disc are played, from the opening of the recording to 1.49 and from 7.09 to the end of the recording at 8.31

Duration: 8'31" DATE: December 21, 2012
Interviewer:Noel McGuinness
Producer:Zandra Ball
Interviewee:John Fahy
Themes:Local News, Local Arts & Culture
Keywords:Ayrfield, Voices, Choir, Fahy, CD Releases, Hymns, Carols
LocationAyrfield, Dublin Time Period:2012
Type:Sound Language:English
Creator:Near FM Publisher:Near FM
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