Number 19 Dublin Bus service cancelled


John Healy speaks to GERALDINE GOUGH of Community for change group, who act on behalf of bus users in the Dublin area. She speaks about the abolition of the number 19 bus route and the number 83 bus re-route in 2011. She discusses losing the 13 bus thus meaning that two thirds of her bus service has been abandoned. Her area of Glasnevin/Finglas contains many visitors to the Botanic Gardens and the Hospital located nearby and she explains how the one bus service will not be able to cover the demand in the area. There is talk of how it limits the local community from accessing the city centre as well as reaching work.

She also highlights that the group are unable to place advertisements in the newspaper as purportedly the newspapers have received Solicitor letters threatening to withdraw advertisement from the newspaper if they carry the story.

They finish by suggesting that there are “thousands of people in Glasnevin who are besides themselves with rage over not getting their fair share of Public transport”.


Duration: 12'53" DATE: September 26, 2012
Interviewer:John Healy
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Interviewee:Geraldine Gough
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