Dublin Bus teaching kids to be respectful on the bus


Donie Tarrant speaks to MARIA PAYNE from Dublin Bus in relations to their new plans to teach the kids to respect on the buses. Dublin Bus has produced a new DVD as part of an initiative for highlighting how to use buses and to respect  public transport. Bus drivers and school coordinators are visiting schools over the country to educate about public transport. Maria explains the amount of incidents with children has increased because of the huge amount of security cameras on public transport and explains the facts about how to behave on public transport.

Duration: 9'10" DATE: March 31, 2016
Interviewer:Donie Tarrant
Producer:Donie Tarrant
Interviewee:Maria Payne
Themes:Irish Life & Culture, Local News
Keywords:Safety, Dublin Bus, respect on the bus, security systems, education about public transport
LocationDublin Time Period:2016
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