Ireland’s No.1 Badminton Player Ready For Irish Open In Baldoyle


Conor speaks to SCOTT EVANS, Ireland’s No.1 badminton player about the upcoming Irish Open in the Baldoyle Badminton Centre.

He talks about the schedule changes in the tournament, his move to Denmark early in his career to fully pursue the sport, the locations and tournaments that he participated in, the interest of badminton in China and why there’s so much more tournaments on due to the Olympics coming up.

He also talks about his chances in qualifying for the Olympics, how the points system works in order to qualify for the Olympics and the arenas that he played in especially in China.

Duration: 12'01" DATE: November 26, 2015
Interviewer:Conor Doyle
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Interviewee:Scott Evans
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LocationBaldoyle Badminton Centre, Baldoyle, Dublin 13 Time Period:2015
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