Gaza Seen By Its Children: Asmaa Seba’s Amazing Photography


Mark Finnegan chats with ASMAA SEBA who spent time in Gaza photographing children.

Seba says: “The first time I came to Gaza was in 2009-2010. I was the official photographer for a Belgian delegation who was rallying an international humanitarian convoy whose aim was to bring medical supplies and school supplies, so to be honest i was coming to visit Gaza for just a week and to see by myself all the things i was reading in the media in Belgium, so let’s say that my first experience with Gaza didn’t imply photography.

“But when I saw the reality on the ground, when I spoke to people there and especially psychologists and teachers, I realized I could do more than just witness the chaos with my camera and instead I decided to come back for a longer period and use my skills as a photographer to do something for the children. This is how I decided to start the project ‘Gaza seen by its children’. The idea was to let the children express themselves trough photography. ”

Duration: 21'00" DATE: July 6, 2015
Interviewer:Mark Finnegan
Producer:Mark Finnegan
Interviewee:Asmaa Seba
Themes:Global Issues with a Local Focus
Keywords:Gaza, Photography, War correspondents, Conflicts, War zones
LocationGaza, Dublin Time Period:2015
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