Clontarf Area Tourism


John speaks to DENNIS MCINTYRE from the Clontarf Area Tourism Patrol and the Bram Stoker Museum.

He talks about his background and interest with Clontarf, how he feels the area is underrated as a tourism area in Dublin, the ambition to set up a year round tourism centre in Clontarf, his disappointment on the little mention of Bram Stoker around the city centre and his admiration of the Little Museum in the city centre.

He also talks about the memorabilia that Clontarf has, examples of the architecture around the area and more unknown historic facts in the area of Clontarf.

Duration: 16'35" DATE: November 11, 2015
Interviewer:John Healy
Producer:John Healy
Interviewee:Dennis McIntyre
Themes:Irish Life & Culture, Local Arts & Culture
Keywords:Clontarf, Clontarf Area Tourism Patrol, Tourism, Bram Stoker, Museum, Memorabilia,
LocationClontarf, Dublin Time Period:2015
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