Swords Castle: Digging History


GERRY CLABBY talks to Pat Meehan about the the Swords Castle Conservation Plan.

Swords Castle: Digging History is the first Community Archaeology project designed and supported by Fingal County Council. It is a unique means of engaging people, locals and tourists alike, with one of the county’s premier cultural and tourist assets.

A series of ‘knowledge gaps’ were identified in the Swords Castle Conservation Plan 2014. Although it is the best surviving example of a Dublin archbishop’s palace and was an important administrative centre there are some questions that remain unanswered; Is there a graveyard underneath the castle? Were there buildings within the yard? How old are the different buildings?

The project began with an archaeological excavation of Swords Castle. This was very successful, with community volunteers involved in digging, organising artefacts, washing pottery, helping with soil samples and recording. To see what was involved for volunteers see the Swords Castle Digging History info sheet‌.

Duration: 11'49" DATE: September 1, 2015
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