Hidden Hearing treating Tinnutus


John speaks to BARRY DOUGLAS from Hidden Hearing and GERRY COOLEY from the Near FM Business Partnership Initiative.

They both talk about the reaction to the initiative, the importance of hearing checkups, the grants and benefits that may be available for people needing hearing aids, the possible variations and causes of tinnitus and how Hidden Hearing can identify the severity of tinnitus if any by testing the ears.

They also talk about the different ways to treat tinnitus, how they bring in experts that specialize in treatments for ears and how frequencies are causing the deterioration of someone’s hearing.

Hidden Hearing Telephone (Anita): 018187434

Duration: 16'49" DATE: October 14, 2015
Interviewer:John Healy
Producer:John Healy
Interviewee:Barry Douglas, Gerry Cooley
Themes:Irish Life & Culture, Global Issues with a Local Focus
Keywords:Hidden Hearing, Hearing Check-Ups, Hearing Aids, Tinnitus, Ear Problems, Frequencies
LocationDublin Time Period:2015
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