Andrew Kelly Community and Post Office Candidate Dublin Central


ANDREW KELLY, Community and Post Office Candidate Dublin Central, talks to John Healy about his campaign.

On his Facebook page he says: Dear Friends and supporters it is with mixed feelings that I make an important announcement regarding my campaign for election . As you know the campaign centred around the vital issue of the survival of the National Post Office network . I am delighted to announce that this government has bowed to common sense and the political pressure that was brought to bare by our campaign . The development plan that was published by Bobby Kerr last week will allow the Post Office to survive into the future , it guarantees that customers can continue to use the Post Office network in anyway that suits them . The former government policy of trying to force Post Office customers into the banking system has now been dropped . This represents a huge victory for all those who were concerned about the future of the Post Office Network . Securing the Post Office Network is vital for the most vulnerable in our society and we should celebrate this great achievement . However as part of a comprehensive agreement with this government all the Post Office and Community Candidates are required to step down from the upcoming General Election. It is with some regret that I have agreed to do so as I thoroughly enjoyed acting as an advocate for my community. However , I must be mindful of the longterm needs of my community and the wider Irish society . I want to thank everyone for their overwhelming support during our campaign without which we could not have achieved this positive outcome . If I can be of any assistance in the future please do not hesitate to contact me .
Andrew Kelly
Postmaster Cabra .

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