‘Cafe Conversations’ Launch Dublin Bid For 2020 City of Culture Status


The European Capital of Culture is awarded by the European Union for a period of one calendar year. In 2020, Ireland and Croatia have been announced as Europe’s chosen countries. A process of open competition will select the appointed city for each country.

At a Mansion House event, which the Lord Mayor Christy Burke hosted on Europe Day, 28 young Dubliners with roots in different EU member states presented their dreams for Dublin2020 in a wishing tree ceremony.
Throughout May, Dublin2020 will host a number of Café Conversations. These free events are for the citizens of Dublin to discuss what matters to them.

The Café Conversations began this week in Dublin Zoo and will continue throughout May in exciting venues: Croke Park 15th May, Glasnevin Cemetery 21st May, Freemason’s Hall 22nd May, Le Peniche Canal Boat Restaurant 23rd May and the RDS 28th May. Free tickets at www.dublin2020.ie/cafe-conversations

Dublin City Arts Officer, Mr. RAY YEATES said, “Dublin is still working to realise its full potential and the bid for the European Capital of Culture will focus on cultural equality within our growing and diverse population. This the next stage for the Capital City; an inclusive and dynamic modern approach to cultural excellence that is inspiring and well within our capabilities. This bid gives the permission for all of Dublin to imagine 2020 and what we want our City to be like and then to set about achieving it.”

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