Scare Yourself Silly: Horror Movie Picks for Halloween 2013


BREN MURPHY of the “Under your bed” horror movie podcast site joins Eoin Drinan to recommend some top horror movies for Halloween. He begins with “Trick or Treat” a very American Halloween movie made in 2007 but not released until two years later.

The next recommendation is “House of the Devil” directed by Ti West. This movie is about a woman employed to care for a strange man’s even stranger mother in the depths of the countryside.

“Monster House” is the next choice. This has a great cast of well known actors. Produced in 2006 by Robert Zemeckis it is an animated film. A bunch of kids discover that a house in their neighbourhood is occupied by monsters.

They also discuss “Drag me to Hell” a particularly creepy film with a twisted sense of humour.

They finish with “I sell the dead” featuring well known horror actor Ron Pearlman, the story of a gang of graverobbers told through a series of flashbacks.

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