Identity Ireland: New Political Party Has New Policies


Identity Ireland is an unregistered political party in Ireland. It was launched in Dublin on 22 July 2015. Its founders are Gary Allen, PETER O’LOUGHLIN and Alan Tighe.[1] O’Loughlin is the party’s national spokesperson.

PETER O’LOUGHLIN talks here with Mark Finnegan.

Identity Ireland argues for a return to Irish sovereignty and to the Irish pound. The party supports a controlled border policy in order to curtail the mass immigration that, it says, is putting strain on the Irish welfare system. It also supports more careful vetting of incoming asylum seekers. It supports the Irish branch of Pegida, and has joined the Fortress Europe coalition.[5] It advocates the introduction of a two strike law for serious offences, as well as the re-introduction of penal labour. It supports keeping Ireland’s neutrality.

Duration: 25'11" DATE: July 27, 2015
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