Ranelagh Arts festival 2013


CONOR MCDEVITT of the Ranelagh arts festival joins Eoin Drinan to discuss the events of this years festival. They speak of bringing fifty artists from India who will demonstrate their skills in palm leaf and wood carving. There will also be many theatrical events including a play called “The Crossing” staged outside the village market and using projections. Culture night and the Poetry Army (extracts from revolutionary poetry) are also large elements of the festival.

Conor encourages people to get involved on a voluntary basis with the festival and moves on to discuss the football riots of 1913. They move on to talk of the venues that will be used around Ranelagh as part of the festival, including showing the 1925 version of “Phantom of the Opera” in Sanford parish church, accompanied by live organ music.

Lastly there will be a balloon flight in commemoration of the first manned balloon flight in Ireland in 1785.


Duration: 04'00" DATE: September 19, 2013
Interviewer:Eoin Drinan
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Interviewee:Conor McDevitt
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