Funding the Big Brother Big Sister scheme


Mary Lynch of the Big Brother- Big sister scheme joins Ger Leddin to discuss the fact that without state funding they will need to significantly cut back their services. They suggest that without the funding 2500 people will lose those mentoring friendships.

Mary explains what exactly the idea of the scheme is matching complimentary personalities between a youth 10-18 and an adult. She speaks of there being a high demand for the service and explains how they currently receive a lot of philanthropic funding which is due to cease in the not so distant future.

They carry on to speak about public perception of child protection in relation to Garda vetting etc. There is also a supervision schedule. The young persons parent or guardian is also heavily involved in the process. The vetting includes needing three references, a visit to the house and a full Garda vetting to ensure safety.

Mary shares how the process helps with family issues and peers as well as helping with combating depression and improving emotional well being.

They finish up by discussing the idea of calling on people who have retired early to get involved with the scheme as a mentor, or indeed anyone who would have the time to be involved.


Duration: 13'16" DATE: June 6, 2013
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