Trade Unionism in an Era of Economic Austerity – 2013


PADRAIG YEATES, historian, speaks to Ger Leddin on the occasion of a conference to commemorate the 1913 lockout. Padraig and Ger talk about the importance of the history of the State during Ireland’s current economic hardship.

Padraig highlights employee rights and their importance and also trade union rights in modern times. They discuss collective bargaining and its impact on Irish society in terms of the distribution of wealth.

Padraig comments on the decline of trades unions in Ireland and speculates on how they could improve their situation. The pair also discuss the forthcoming Fine Gael conference in Limerick and the trades unions’ decision to stage protests in Dublin at the same time.

They finish by discussing how the Irish public have responded differently to austerity in comparison to Greece, where there has been clear and vociferous public protest.

Duration: 08'58" DATE: October 24, 2013
Interviewer:Ger Leddin
Producer:Ger Leddin
Interviewee:Padraig Yeates
Themes:Irish Life & Culture, Local Current Affairs
Keywords:trade unionism in ireland, padraig yeates, economic hardship, the problems of collective bargaining, distribution of wealth in modern ireland
LocationIreland Time Period:2013
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