Sean FM O’Donoghue: Writer, poet and playwright


SEAN FM O’DONOGHUE, playwright and poet joins John Healy to speak about his life and work. He begins by telling how he became a diver and has had a multitude of jobs throughout his life. He speaks of being an actor, producer and director. He speaks of a large fire that he witnessed and the bodies he saw firsthand causing him to develop PTSD. He shares some of the details of living with this disorder and how it led to him getting into writing and performs his piece “Ripples” a poem inspired by his experiences as a diver and a near death experience.

They carry on by speaking about his book “Celtic Ripples” and a poem of his about Ballymun being put to song by Andrew McMahon.  His works can be bought from where he has self published it. The book was launched as part of mental health week.

Sean speaks of his life and the treatments that he partakes in to help with his PTSD including taking part in trips to do Yoga.

Sean then speaks of his play “The Rosary beads” and what it is about. Sean also recites a poem called “They made the time to listen” about men at the Ballymun mens centre.

He finishes by speaking of a reading he is doing at the Ballymun library and thanking some people in particular who have helped him through the years.


Duration: 17'00" DATE: May 15, 2013
Interviewer:John Healy
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Interviewee:Sean FM O' Donoghue
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