St Mary’s In Baldoyle Is Travolta-in With Grease


REBECCA and MICHAELA from St Mary’s Secondary School in Baldoyle tell Noel McGuinness about their forthcoming production of Grease, which is causing great excitement in the Dublin Bay North area.

Whilst John Travolta himself cannot appear in the St Mary’s production the students feel that they may be able to produce some top dancing talent themselves to fill the gap.

Olivia Newton John was passed over for the role of Sandy in this production as it was felt she may be a touch too old now. Speaking to Near FM by phone from her beach home in Sydney, Ms Newton John said she was “feckin’ gutted an’ all – ya know watta meeyin!” to be rebuffed in this way.

The school has refused to comment.

Duration: 10'12" DATE: May 15, 2012
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